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Welcome to Home Insulation Solutions! Your one stop shop for all of your insulation needs.  Here at Home Insulation Solutions our number one priority is our customers.  We have a passion for making every home as comfortable as possible while providing professional and personable service.  From older brick homes to new age developments, all residencies have energy problems that we use our expertise to diagnose and resolve.  We serve the greater Denver front range area and may even travel farther when needed.


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Attics are the number one spot for energy loss in most homes. For that reason, we like to focus on them first and foremost to give you the best bang for your buck. While in the attic we provide many services that go above and beyond just insulation, but one of the most essential is air sealing. We use expanding foam to seal up wall caps, bathroom fans, recessed lights and much more. This ensures that all the insulation we put in your attic will be as effective as possible while also maximizing your energy savings. Although we prefer to use cellulose at Home Insulation Solutions, we can also provide fiberglass, cotton or even denim at your request. If you haven’t had your attic insulated in the last 10-15 years, chances are you are well below standards and losing a lot of money on energy bills. Have us out today to discuss how we can help make your home more comfortable while also putting money back in your pocket!


Wall Jobs

Although it is now standard to build homes with insulation in the exterior walls, that wasn’t always the case. Garage ceilings can also be completely void of insulation, leading to cold floors in the rooms above, or unbearable temperatures during the summer months when they trap heat from the outside. Even if you have drywall up already, we can help! The process includes drilling 2.5” holes into each rafter bay of either the wall or ceiling, and then dense packing the cavity using cellulose to ensure the maximum amount of r-value (insulation rating) per inch. We will patch holes with pine plugs and spackle, however, the work area will need to be textured and painted after we have left. This same service can be used to insulate cantilevered windows, vaulted ceilings and even provide sound-proofing between floors.


Garage Ceilings

Are your floors noticably colder or warmer than the temperature of the house? This is the most common problem people encounter when they have bedrooms positioned over the garage which typically have zero insulation. In addition to garage ceilings, cantalevered windows can also be a culprit for poor flooring temperatures and is also something we can help you with. We use a similar process for ceilings as we do for walls. 2.5" holes are poked into every rafter and we "dense-pack" the rafters using cellulose creating an air tight barrier between your room and the garage.



Let’s be honest, no one likes hanging out in a crawlspace. For that reason alone, most crawlspaces are severely neglected when it comes to insulation. Let us do the dirty work for you! Getting your crawlspace properly insulated will not only help with cold floors and lowering energy bills, but also help with moisture and radon mitigation. Typically, there is a small gap around the entire perimeter of the crawlspace where the house and foundation meet that is completely exposed to outside temperatures. We start by sealing that gap using heavy duty closed-cell foam, ensuring no conditioned air is being lost through the crawlspace to the outside. We then lay heavy plastic on the floor of the crawlspace to help with moisture and radon mitigation, and finally we hang a foil faced insulation blanket along the perimeter walls. Of course, some crawlspaces are different, but let us take a look at yours and see how we can help!



Insulation removals can be pricey, sometimes costing just as much as the install itself, but it can also provide a clean slate to ensure the most effective air sealing is achieved.  Once the old insulation has been removed, all energy loss areas are clear and visible instead of us digging to find where we need to go.  This allows us to hit every nook with expanding foam which will maximize your homes energy savings once the new insulation is installed.  There are not many jobs we recommend removals for, but send us an email today to find out if your project would be a good candidate for this service.


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